Gym without Workout

[Wednesday, 25 August, 2010]

I managed to blog before going to bed at 5am. I woke up in the afternoon.

My brothers were playing games on their iPhones. Suddenly, they decided to go to Xiao Guilin and I did not join them since I planned to go down to the gym to help them to settle their website and Bobby wanted me to help him with some designing stuffs. I was brooded over by the pending work and they were part of the hindrance for me to progress. I wanted so much to settle everything as early as possible, but new requests would continue to flock in.

I was, however, too engrossed in the television programmes, especially the YOG table tennis match because the Singapore team was taking part in it. By the time I went down to the gym after preparing my stuffs, inclusive of my laptop, it was already quite late.

I was not in a good timing since Bobby had left and Tze Khit did not plan to stay for long. Andrew was around and thus I got into long conversation with him, together with Le Tian who occasionally dropped by the resting area. We talked about work and relationship. Both of them agreed that guys should play a bit of tactic towards girls, but I preferred to go natural. Since there was nobody other than John around, I decided to leave with Andrew. It was the first time I did not do any workout after bringing my gears along.

Back at home, I started trying out new Command and Conquer maps with my brothers and we ended before midnight.


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