I Needed a Place to Sleep

[Monday, 30 August, 2010]

After blogging, I tried to sleep after 5am but it seemed difficult. My mum had piled up the side of the mattress with her stuffs and she had been sleeping over my mattress, leaving half to two-third of a single mattress for me. I felt uncomfortable for I did not want to hit her accidentally and thus I could not flip my body. Moreover, she slept sideway and faced me with her weird snoring. Nevertheless, my weird stomach worsened the situation.

I got up at around 7am, feeling so in need of a portable bed frame. However, as I started my laptop, I remembered the fact that there was no place even for the living room. Half hour after seven, I SMSed Tze Khit to check if he had reached the gym, however, he replied me that he wanted to catch some sleep there and thus I did not go over. I went to bed again before 9am when my mum was up.

I woke up at around 3pm. I went online to research a bit about my new website. After my younger brother returned, I started into planning of the design on paper. The television distracted me but it was good enough to get started.


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