It Rained and No Swimming

[Wednesday, 11 August, 2010]

I spent long time blogging and eventually went to bed at 6am. I woke up after 1pm. My lunch was the noodle bought by my mum in the morning and my mum added extra ingredient to it – ba kwa.

It rained since the afternoon and I knew the plan to go for a swim had to be cancelled. My younger brother was packing his candies from Europe into small packets to share with his friends. I got to eat many different types of candies.

I left the house together with my younger brother after 6pm. I went to the gym. It was the first time after so long that I could finally get to chat with Tze Khit. I shared with him some of the ideas I had in mind for website. He left earlier since he had exams for the next day. Since Bobby was busy entertaining his client, I left for home at around 6.30pm.

The episode of Ninja Warrior was not as exciting for it mainly replayed the first game they had more than ten years ago.


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