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[Monday, 16 August, 2010]

It took me long time to finish up a blog entry and I went to sleep eventually at 5am. I woke up at around noon and the entire afternoon was kind of being wasted for I was too sleepy to do anything. I was supposed to meet up with Liyi but she was missing for the past few days and I supposed she was too busy for our date.

Bianhong called me a few times to interrupt my rest and eventually I met up with him after 6pm near NTUC. I could feel the stress for his purpose for dropping by was to pass me photos so that I could help him to piece and design them into a picture. He would then go to the printing shop to make a puzzle for his girlfriend’s birthday. He had actually tried to send me twice using his company’s email account and I supposed companies would restrict the file attachment sizes of all outgoing emails.

I accompanied him to eat at the market before he followed me home. I was very embarrassed for my house looked like a war zone, worse than before, since it was not packed after the shifting of the bedrooms. In fact, I did not even expect him to go up. He passed me the photos and roughly gave me some instructions. I had problems explaining things to him. Since he had to wait for his girlfriend to go to his place, he was bored and did not seem to be in the hurry to go off. I never knew how to tell him it was not a good time to chitchat or watch television together. I became more stressed for there were many works pending my actions. When my entire family was beginning to have their dinner, he decided to make his move since the living room was very packed. I walked him to the MRT station and by the time I reached home, it was 9pm when I started having my dinner.

I was quite depressed for the day as I thought of the number of tasks I wanted to accomplish being overruled by friends’ requests for help. I could never have the mood to start finding a job. Nobody could understand me no matter how I explained. It had always been like this since I was young that I did not know how to reject, and it had put stress into me and my life had never gotten any better.


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