My Younger Brother had Finally Returned to Singapore

[Monday, 9 August, 2010]

It was Singapore’s National Day and my little plan was Facebook was to be executed. Running an event to get Singaporeans and supporters post their wishes for Singapore together, it was never an easy job when most people did not read instruction. The original plan was to get them to comment on the main status so that we could see the total number of posts without any counting, however, some of them chose to post new status, while most of them posted their greetings directly on the event’s page. I tried to reply to every of the scattered posts but dumb Facebook limited the number of posting even for the owner of the page.

I went to bed at 5am. As I had foreseen, I was woke up by my mum’s repeated annoyance. She stepped on the mattress so many times that jerked me up and she even threw her clothes on the mattress to make enough noise to wake me up, and that the clothes even hit me. I gave up and got up at around 1pm, feeling irritated by my mum’s irritation, which she could never realise what had happened.

My family and I had our lunch at Tanjong Pagar food centre again. We went for the Thai food stall and it was quite good.

After reaching home, I continued to try my best at Facebook but it was never an easy task. I was tired at times and I went into the room but my mum was occupying the entire two single mattresses in her nap as her useless stuffs were by the wall and she slept more towards the outside, whereas her clothes (not sure they were used or unused) were at the other end of the mattress. More than three times, I could feel my back aching but I went out of the room within five seconds. I stood by the front door and thought over how pathetic my future life would be. I wanted badly to have a room of my own so that I could have my own privacy and a neat working place to work on the internet, and I was very certain that I could make gigantic improvement on my work.

We left the house at 5pm after some flaming up of my elder brother as my mum started nagging at him fifteen minutes before the scheduled time to leave. My elder brother’s girlfriend stayed behind to catch the National Day Parade on television. The three of us took train to Tiong Bahru station to meet my aunt before we crossed over to take the opposite train towards Changi Airport.

We went to Terminal one and met up with my younger brother’s two buddies. The most dramatic thing happened as my elder brother’s first ex-girlfriend saw us and came over just before my younger brother came out. We started greeting one another and my mum was so happy to see her, and started grabbing her elbow like they were sisters.

We went home by train to put down the two big luggage bags before we went down to have our dinner together. The dinner was at the Food Loft coffee shop where we had seafood. The television show – IP Man – distracted me.

After reaching home, I spent quite some time catching up with my younger brother inside the room.


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