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[Tuesday, 24 August, 2010]

My brothers and I went to the prata shop for supper. I was disgusted by a Chinese old and plump uncle who held onto his lighted cigarette while walking into the toilet and then standing in front of the stall to order his food. I was totally disgusted with the laws in Singapore because minor offences were simply included just for the sake of displaying.

When we were near home, my mum called and we waited for her before going home. Even though my younger brother did not have school, he wanted to sleep early. My elder brother and I started playing Command and Conquer together, and later, we went to search for more maps. Eventually, we played an uncommon map together, following by taking some mee hoon cooked by my mum.

Before I could doze off, the sickening construction started again. The drilling sound pissed all of us off and it happened to start so early in the morning for the second day, and yet afternoons were all quiet.

I woke up at around 3pm. I was surprised that my younger brother had gone swimming without me because I asked him to swim together before he went to bed. After checking my phone, I realised both Tze Khit and Bobby had called me. They told me it was regarding the NETS payment for the gym. Before I could eat anything, my mum wanted me to accompany her down to carry stuffs. I was having a little gastric pain but I did not want to displease her. We met up with my younger brother at level one and collected the stuffs.

I spent lots of time going through my new article for SmokeForWhat. It took me months to start into it and almost a week to complete it because of all the distractions and other undesired commitments. After Hazel went through it once, I was finally confident enough to upload it.


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