One Task Down – Huiting’s Dry Shirt Design

[Tuesday, 17 August, 2010]

My elder brother’s girlfriend did not come over and thus, my younger brother and I moved our laptops over to play Command and Conquer together with him. We stopped at 2.30am as my younger brother needed his beauty sleep. I stayed behind to watch the soccer match between Manchester United against Newcastle United. I got sleepy in the midst of the 3-0 game but I was too lazy to get up to brush my teeth and thus I struggled to stay awake till the match ended. I was quite impressed with the Red Devil’s performance although they could have scored more goals.

I woke up a few times and finally at around 2pm. I had a puzzle to solve in my dream and I told myself to wake up in order not to waste my brain cells. My lunch was packet rice as usual.

I started working on Huiting’s latest tasked job, to design the shirt. However, I dozed off many times and the progress was slow until the evening. I called Huiting to confirm about it and eventually she told me the logo was already up and I had to design the back’s picture only. She wanted it to be in one colour and the entire shirt was supposed to be in white, and I found it difficult to design without using colours.

I packed my work area finally, although it was only half done up. At 10pm, I accompanied my younger brother down for a half an hour slow jog around the neighbourhood. The Duxton Plain Park was quiet but foreign talents of different colours were resting around.

While catching the Taiwanese show at channel 8, Huiting messaged me and I confirmed my existing design with her. Eventually I sent her the final version of it and one task was finally down.


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