Pool with Guoxin Early in the Morning

[Friday, 27 August, 2010]

The day began like usual, as I was doing my usual stuffs such as blogging and web building. I finally finished up the tiny bottle of weird tasting herbal liquor that my younger brother bought from Europe, followed by filling my stomach with some cornflake. I thought I could sleep early after that.

I continued on the new page for SmokeForWhat when my elder brother gave me an url of a job. As I was trying to send my resume to the company, Guoxin responded fast in Facebook and we decided to meet up. He reached my place very soon and I was stunned by the speed. We travelled to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and I could feel the danger in his car. When we were about to reach, he did not look at the traffic light and we could be killed if the road was not empty.

We started playing pool. Our skill differed too much and I made it too easy for him to thrash me. We were the noisiest among the three tables. We changed topics fast somehow since we had too much to catch up. We were missing the old times where the big group of us would go out together.

After that, we went for breakfast at the Prata shop near my place where we continued to chat until around 7am. I did not sleep immediately after that and instead, I uploaded the new quiz for SmokeForWhat. Eventually I went to bed at around 9am after Guoxin gave me feedbacks about SmokeForWhat.

After waking up at around 3pm, I was slacking throughout the day, surfing the net, chatting with brothers and trying out new Command and Conquer maps alone.


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