Stay over at Hirman’s Place

[Sunday, 15 August, 2010]

I waited with Regina for the bus number 2 from the interchange and it did not leave sharp at midnight. Since it was late, I had to send her home no matter what. For almost the whole journey, she was showing me Facebook status of her crush through her iPhone, which was boring. We were, however, being entertained by an Indian who could not keep his voice down at the top of the double-decker bus. An old man who was sleeping at the back “sheesh” at the blackie but his skin was too thick.

I took a cab to Hirman’s house after sending Regina home and it cost me over six bucks for the short distance, but it was much better than travelling home directly. I felt the need to own a car. Anyway, I was so unlucky to go into the lift that an old man came out with a lighted cigarette. Smoking was not only a problem in my area.

Hirman started teasing me as he thought I had a girlfriend. Jeremy was at Hirman’s house and since I was exchanging SMSes with Regina, I decided to sleep in the living room in order not to interrupt their sleep; I preferred to sleep without the air-conditioner anyway. I was hungry but Hirman was too tired that he had changed his mind about going for supper.

Regina called me to check my location. I felt quite bad for not talking to the host more because I was on phone while he prepared the sofa bed for me. We put down the phone soon as she was going to read her book. I could not get to sleep and the last time I replied her slow SMS was after 3am.

Jeremy and Hirman got up after 7am. We went to the airport together to send Jeremy’s friend off, followed by having breakfast at Killiney. The set of breakfast inclusive of tea, half boiled egg and bread cost $4.05, which was much more expensive than any coffee shop in Singapore. I supposed the extra two bucks were for breaking the eggs or probably, the extra tiny piece of egg shell left inside.

After the meal, I walked both of them to the entrance and bid them goodbye since they were going to somewhere near Regina’s house to play tennis while I did not bring any gear again, and was still in my jeans. I went straight to the toilet to settle my stomach issue before taking the train, suffering the long journey standing alone. It was around 11am when I reached home. I uploaded the photos into Facebook and dozed off while the videos took ages to kiss Facebook.

I went for lunch with my brothers. I was craving for the lor mee at Ah Moy Street which my younger brother suggested but it was closed for the day without any notification. We ended up going to Maxwell Food Centre and had Chinese mixed rice at the “Tiong Bahru” curry rice stall. The pork chop was quite impressively done.

My younger brother and I started dozing off soon after reaching home. Regina called me in a harsh tone to get me to remove the video from Facebook and thus my sleep was interrupted again.

My video was packet fried rice. I started installing the old Adobe Premier and Aftereffect software to edit the video before I uploaded it again. Huiting suddenly messaged me in Facebook as she had a new task for me.


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