Sunday at IKEA

[Sunday, 1 August, 2010]

Blogging was a chore. I finally uploaded my latest article regarding smoking in corridor to SmokeForWhat, together with photos. I also created an addition item in the main menu to organise them better. However, it required more than just scripting. In additional, I also included a sitemap near the bottom to showcase the menus at one go so that users could glance at them at one go if they did not want to use the dropdown menu. I went to bed at 6am.

My brother woke me up at 1.30pm. After washing up, we set off towards Queensway and my mum hopped onto the bus near Kim Tian Road. We were eyeing for the hawker centre opposite Queensway shopping centre but it was closed. We proceeded to IKEA straight away and dined at the foodcourt. The sore throat forbid me from eating properly, besides, I could not eat a lot right after waking up.

We shopped around and this time we did not leave empty-handed. My brother bought a clothes hanger trolley for his girlfriend since she was going to stay in my house more often as she was going to begin working at Orchard. We also had an extendable tray holder for the bathroom but it was too big.

I had Hor Fun for my late dinner.


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