The Sunday Family Day Again

[Sunday, 29 August, 2010]

I was working on SmokeForWhat with some distraction in between, and finally went to sleep after 6am, feeling accomplished.

I woke up at around 2pm. my mum was not at all and my elder brother went to the EXPO with his girlfriend for the Watson sales. I caught a movie on channel 8 with my younger brother while doing my work. After the couple returned, my younger brother and I went to the Subway at Amara Hotel for our late breakfast.

We share a footlog bread, which was the twelve inches one. There were tables outside and there were a big group of young people who seemed like people working for MLM even though they did not dress up very formally like the usual idiots. They were discussing things and soon started talking over their mobile phones, and finally, we saw some products on the tables.

Apart from the great distraction of the suspicious group of people outside, inclusive of a couple of more than average looking girls, I had discussion with my younger brother over my ideas on websites. He agreed that it was a waste of my talent to go to companies and start working like crazy for them. Since it was late and my mum was reaching home, my younger brother decided not to continue studying there anymore.

After reaching home, before I could warm my seat in front of my laptop, my family was ready to leave the house for dinner. We walked to Chinatown Complex and ordered a fish head and a plate of chicken for our dinner. After that, we went to the CK departmental store, followed by the NTUC near my house.

After reaching home, I removed the ugly stuffs sticking on the wardrobe’s doors before my younger brother started to shift the doors to position the mirror at the far side. My mum started clearing the kitchen’s wardrobes.


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