The Turtles were Gone

[Monday, 23 August, 2010]

It was not a present morning to start off with. It was really annoying to have someone replying messages every half or one hour. I went off to bed at 4am in my disappointment.

Early in the morning, the noise of the construction work woke me up. My younger brother who slept much earlier than me was complaining about it too. I managed to get back to sleep after some struggling and woke up in the afternoon.

Due to the interruption in my sleep, I felt sleepy throughout the day. My elder brother set of to release his two turtles. Even though I did not like them since they were really dumb and irritating, and taking up spaces, I did not feel totally good having to see them parting the house.

It started raining and thus I did not go down to the gym. Instead, I spent the time working on my stuffs.


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