Yummy Protein Powder

[Thursday, 12 August, 2010]

I went to bed near 6am again and woke up before 12pm. Lunch was at the market, or rather, Tanjong Pagar food centre with my mum and elder brother as my younger brother was in school.

I had my haircut after 5.30pm. I was telling the auntie to trim my hair a little to keep it neat but she thought I wanted to keep it short like previously. My plan to keep a longer hair before my reservist during November had failed and I had not even taken a photo for memorial.

My elder brother wanted to go for a jog but due to my late haircut and he wanted to steam the fish fillet for dinner, we called it off. I went to the gym instead near 8pm, thinking that I might not be available for the next few days.

Junze was around and I was glad to see Shaohui there as well. This time round, I tried putting weights near my ankles and the first 4.6kg reduced my chin-ups to 15 times, whereas the 6.1kg combined weights further reduced the remaining sets to 12, 8 and 8 times. After the gym session, Bobby told me to try out the protein powder with the cookies and cream flavour and it tasted quite nice. I brought a box home and the 5.1kg weight was torturing to my hand after the gym session.

I was a heavier eater after the workout even though I had filled my stomach with lots of water just before I got home. Later on, my younger brother made a cup of vanilla and honey flavoured tea and he left it long in the living room, such that I thought it was for me and I struggled to finish it up.


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