Slow Web Development

[Friday, 10 September, 2010]

I moved my laptop over to sleep with my elder brother. I was dozing off on the bed while working on my website until he started watching a movie about bear. It was rather stupid. The sickening smoker lighted the cigarette at 3am to disgust both of us. I thought I could doze off easily without air-conditioner but I was not lucky enough. Perhaps, it was due to the thirst and my stomach having a mild strike again.

My younger brother woke me up after 10am. We spent the afternoon at Yishun.

In the late afternoon, I was planning to go down to the gym but I saw Fenfen online and I quickly asked her about her recent comment status in Facebook. We started chatting until near 7pm. By the time I went to the gym, it was closed. Even though I heard loud music inside, I went home after calling Tze Khit to confirm that John was inside.

My dinner was fried rice delivery. I was working hard on the contents of the new website and I could see that it was going to kill lots of my time working alone.


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