The Day Lucky Joined My Family

[Saturday, 11 September, 2010]

I went to bed at 3am but it took me some time to doze off like usual because of my mum’s musical performance. I woke up after 10am and went to Yishun to get my new dog – Lucky. He was crying all the way during the journey. However, he soon got into mood with my brothers and I and he almost glued himself to my elder brother. We took naps in the afternoon and he started weeping in the living room. Lucky behaved like a baby.

In the evening, my younger brother went to his friend’s house at the Pinnacle. My mum and I joined him soon at the Sky Park on the fifth storey. It was nothing fantastic except for it was high enough to view the entire city. There were two layers of fence to block the view. We went to the owner’s house at the forty-fifth storey and were amazed with the interior design.

My younger brother stayed behind for dinner. I went down with my elder brother to walk the dog and we were amazed that he did not bother about the cats and rats. Another surprising thing was that he did not urine or shit at all.


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