Day 3 – Exhausting Sleep besides Lucky

[Monday, 13 September, 2010]

I went to bed after 2am after chatting with Wanling when she started to reply slower in MSN. Since Lucky was sleeping on my bags under the table earlier on and even hid under one of them, I tried covering him entirely with his blanket, and it worked. However, he woke up many times like the previous night and I had to put his blanket on for him in case he caught a cold inside the air-conditioned room.

I woke up finally after 10am and tried to work on my website throughout the day with distraction from Lucky. My elder brother took him into the room and took my place. They had a long afternoon nap together to leave me undisturbed but I was too exhausted with the heavily disrupted sleep for the past two nights to do anything.

In the evening, I tricked Lucky into the bedroom so that my elder brother could leave the house for his soccer game. It worked well and Lucky did not cry since he did not witness my brother left the house. I had problems trying to get him to finish his dinner.

When my elder brother returned, we went down with my mum to walk Lucky while waiting for my younger brother to return. By the time we reached home, I was near 11.30pm.


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