Day Two – Lucky Lucky

[Sunday, 12 September, 2010]

The day began with the entire family at the neighbourhood, walking the dog. It was the second day Lucky was with us and he finally urinated once. My elder brother cooked noodle to share with me before I went to sleep at 3 plus.

Lucky was crying and scratching the doors in the living room and I brought him into the room to sleep with us, putting his pillow on the floor. Though we did not offer him the best dog food, he had the best companion on earth. I even patted him to sleep.

He woke up many times and walked towards the door before turning back to sleep on his pillow, and I continued to pat him until he dozed off again. I could not remember I woke up finally at what time after being disrupted from my sleep uncountable times.

My brothers and my elder brother’s girlfriend went downstairs to walk Lucky again in the afternoon. We were glad that he finally pooed.

In the evening, we fed him nearly half an hour earlier before we left the house. The entire family went to Harbourfront for dinner. The Seah Lm food centre failed me again. My younger brother bought a big bowl of seafood soup at twice the price of a bowl for singles but the portion was miserably little without the soup. What turned me off more was that the fish tasted hard and weird.

We went to Vivocity’s Daiso to shop for Lucky’s stuffs, such as bowl and toy. After that, we proceed to Pets Safari to try to find more stuff for Lucky. My younger brother was very turned off by the staffs again for he was at the shampoo section for very long, searching high and low, looking lost, but the staff did not bother. When foreigners went in, that staff attended to them immediately without any delay even though they did not ask for assistance. Service at the pet shop was really pathetic.

Eventually, my mum and my elder brother’s girlfriend bought food for Lucky. Lucky would be super glad if he knew that the two ladies who were so afraid of dogs would treat him well. We went to the Giant after that and got him more can food.

After reaching home, Lucky was so excited that he peed on the floor. We went downstairs to take him for a walk for the third time of the day.


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