First Jog with Lucky

[Wednesday, 15 September, 2010]

I went to bed at 2.30am and woke up at 2pm eventually since Lucky kept me occupied like the previous nights before I could doze off.

I finally went to the gym after hesitating whether to bring Lucky along. After missing it for around two weeks, I was lucky to meet Andrew, Junze and Le Tian. I did my workout with my hurting left shoulder. After that, I stayed behind to chat with the three guys, and Bobby was too busy that he could only hop by a few times to join in.

I reached home near 8pm, which was almost an hour late from my targeted time. At around 10pm, my brothers and I went down for a jog with Lucky and we were surprised that his stamina was far less than we had expected. We had fun playing catching and hide-and-seek with him at the third storey from car park to playground.


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