One Star Kayak Course Day One

[Saturday, 18 September, 2010]

My family went to the prata shop with Lucky. We wanted to packet some prata home but we managed to find an empty table at the outside, and thus we changed our minds. At first, everyone wanted to take a single prata because of the heatiness but we ended up taking two slices each. We went to the ATM machines after the supper. While we were going home, we played catching with Lucky.

I went to bed at 2.30am but could not doze off. The last time I checked my clock was 4am.

I woke up at around 10am and started packing up for the kayak course. My younger brother and I took bus 70 to the stop after Nicoll Highway and walked to Stadium MRT station. It was our virgin visit. I went to the toilet and was shocked that the lock was spoilt, which was too soon for a new MRT station.

After meeting up with most of the people for the kayak course, we walked towards our destination along the highway. The kayak course was beyond my expectation. I thought it would be a short theory before we would get to kayak around, but it was meant to be a more professional one. Since everyone, including the coach, Kelvin, were nice people, my brother and I enjoyed a lot. We started off with some theory before moving off. I met Caiping who was with a group of youngsters and I supposed it was her church event.

I was happy to get to kayak again after many years and it reminded me of the past when my volleyball gang and I went to Sentosa in a huge group. The kayak course included capsizing drill and simple swim test. We got to learn about technique to paddle well. Apart from them, I could never recall all the terms used. The toughest thing was to carry the kayaks. The course ended before 6pm. my brother and I did not shower. We walked to the bus-stop and took bus 196 home.

After reaching home, we hurried to open the toilet’s door as my mum had left Lucky inside after he vomited, peed and pooed continuously to cause dizziness to my mum. She even puked. My younger brother took his shower first and left the house to pick up his friend at the MRT station before he bought Burger King’s meal for my dinner. Together with his friend, we took Lucky down for a walk.

At 11pm, I was dead beat but the channel 8’s Andy Lau’s show about the warring states kept me alive.


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