Disgusting Provoking Uncle to Test Friendship

[Tuesday, 21 September, 2010]

I was working on the website inside the bedroom and eventually gave up after 3am.

I worked up at around 1pm and started clearing spams in Facebook. After slacking for some time, I continued with the website. Tze Khit forwarded me an email in the evening and I started working on his website. I was quite turned off by the bank’s salesman again for he originally asked for three new pages and it turned out that he needed five. I was really unimpressed by his service since day one when he emailed crappy instructions.

It was an expected bad night for me when I saw a reply in Facebook on Fenfen’s status. She was ranting about the time and money wasted on cab to get to her school. On my second and last reply to ask her to chill and followed by a joke that I would get Lucky to lick her, an uncle replied saying something like “girl who is that guy? i do not like his comment”.

He knew well that by replying to the status, I would be able to read it, unless he was really a fool. I was disgusted by his open challenge. Even a kid could tell that I was on good intention to Fenfen by asking her to calm down, explaining to her that it was usual to be late for night classes due to work and that I even tried to lighten her up by joking that I would get my dog, which she agreed was cute, to lick her. Even if I replaced “Lucky” with the most disgusting guy on earth, everyone could see that I was being humorous.

I was not sure which part of his brain had gone wrong to take offence of my words, but he was definitely someone with attitude problem and trying too hard to show off his manliness. There were two ways a normal person would react if he found anything wrong: first was to drop the “victim” a private message to find out more before making an open move; next was to sound out directly instead of crying to the “victim” in front of everyone.

Even though it was an incident happening online, in the virtual world, it was almost identical to three persons facing each other in real person. If someone stood in front of your friend and started pointing at you, asking your friend who you were and exclaimed that he did not like you, what would you think of him?

I could see that that guy was married with kids and as either be her relative or colleague, and probably not her wooer. I did not think this annoying uncle deserved me to pardon him in case he thought I was scared of his ignorant remarks. Without losing my calm, I replied, “Hi Fenfen, who is that guy? I do not think he is respecting you by trying to provoke your friend.” I knew I was being very kind to her by refraining myself to use awful words such as “uncle” to not put her in a tight situation and that the simple line certainly put that nothing-better-to-do troublemaker in shame. He did not reply.

However, a few hours later, the test of true friendship concluded. She deleted away that guy’s provoking reply and added “He’s my uncle, any problem?”

I knew that she certainly had a smarter brain than that uncle of hers to see a clear picture of everything and that since years ago when we got to know each other, we had been joking hard with each other. But the attitude she replied with was more than enough to pierce a friend who was trying hard to be nice to her. I did nothing wrong in the first place and even the follow-up, but she sounded “in front of everyone” that I was in the wrong.

So what if that moron was her uncle? Did that buy him the right to start provoking her friends just because he was too free?

It was a night that I revised my lessons again, recapping that being too outgoing could easily draw envious from losers who would want to put you down in order to appear good in front of others. I saw how shallow friendship could get when family ties worth much higher that even a wrongdoing could appear correct. I knew some friends were just virtual friends who would chat with you when they were bored and nothing more.


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