Disappointing Last Day of Kayaking One Star Course

[Friday, 24 September, 2010]

My younger brother, mum and I took Lucky down for a walk without my elder brother. I continued working on my website and gave up at around 3.30am.

I woke up at 8.30am and slowly got started to wash up before leaving the house with my brothers. We went to the same bus-stop near Anson building, right opposite M Hotel, but my younger brother and I boarded the bus 70 without my elder brother since he was going to Parkway Parade to meet his friend for fishing. I was stunned to remember that there was road diverse nearby because of the F1 Singapore Night Race 2010. The bus turned to People’s Park and the traffic was heavy. It was supposed to be a straight road towards Nicoll Highway and I was sure that we took more than double the actual travel time to reach the place.

The coach, Kelvin, reached later than us. Four others did not turn up and thus our team was left with six of us. When Kelvin told us of the plan for the day that we would not be kayaking over to Marina Barrage, we were all disappointed. During the capsize and rescue practice, we were all determined to travel over but the sudden downpour of rain sided with Kelvin. We ended the course ridiculously early and then Kelvin started to tell us stories to drag on before we left the Kallang Water Sports Centre and took bus 16. I had lunch with my younger brother, together with Kun Song and Rong Sheng at Suntec City before we headed home.

My younger brother and I took bus 196 home and we were both very disappointed that we did not get to kayak over to Marina Barrage, having paid so much for the course and yet the time spent inside the water was almost half of the original programme. We knew well we were short-changed even though we managed to learn the skill required. We reached home at around 4pm. After my younger brother left the house, I dozed off for around an hour before my mum started chanting to wake me up before she left the house. I went to Maxwell food centre with my elder brother and Lucky for dinner.

I spent the rest of the time continuing with my website.


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