Bobby’s Birthday Treat

[Wednesday, 29 September, 2010]

I spent the morning catching my show until 4am. I woke up at noon but dozed off again until 2pm.

While continuing to catch my show, I made progress in my website.

In the evening, Bobby got me down to the gym earlier to meet up with the rest of his friends for dinner at the Chinese restaurant near the gym. It was his birthday treat, which kept me troubled for a few days over what I could get for him. It was difficult for a poor person to get anything for a very well-to-do person who had never ever looked at price for food in his entire life; his young daughter could have spent much more than me on food in total even though I was probably three times her age. Being a poor blockhead, I decided that I would just help him with his work.

The dinner was not really fantastic to me since I did not really appreciate the very traditional North China food. The waiter was wearing home clothes and what amazed me was his shorts. My seat was not very good and thus I did not talk a lot since I was sitting apart from Le Tian and Andrew, while Tze Khit was in Australia.

Soon after reaching home, my brothers were ready to go down to walk the dog. We brought the waveboard and scooter along. It was the second time I tried playing with the scooter even though it was in my house for donkey years already. I tried it more than ten years ago at Bianhong’s house and since it was movement was restricted, I gave up soon and his two cute sisters mocked at me. Anyway, I got a good hand of it soon.

My mum joined us after her work and we went home together.


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