Back to My Workplace in the Living Room

[Friday, 29 October, 2010]

I went for supper with my younger brother and mum at the prata shop. After that, I had a fruitful morning working on my tuition agency website with a new page. I took the contents from my portfolio property site and made amendments to list Singapore’s District with Postal Code. I did some work for my Facebook marketing before I continued with the tuition agency website to include random educational quotes at the bottom of every page. I was too worn off and eased my work at 8am.

I woke up at 1pm to continue with the boring job of gathering quotes. I moved back to the living room by afternoon to speed up on my work for lying down on the mattress restricted me from typing properly; moreover, the more than a week of improper working posture had worsened my back condition.

By evening, I moved the “Edit Profile” feature to live but there were feedbacks from the server’s PHP server, which issued warnings for some not very well coded lines. It was a tough fight to solve the problem.

I started working on a Singapore Calendar Planner 2011 for the users of my tuition agency website. My younger brother shared his seaweed with me while we caught the channel 8 show at 11pm together.


Overslept for 3pm’s Haircut Appointment

[Thursday, 28 October, 2010]

I had feedbacks from Yuqing, Yaozhong, Yingying and Jianwei regarding the design of my tuition agency website and all of them had different opinions on both the original and new formal looking design. The hesitation was killing me. I continued working on the website on its contents without making any major changes.

I started forwarding some interesting emails and blogged before I went to sleep at around 8am.

I woke up at 4pm in a shock for I had missed my haircut appointment, which was supposed to be at 3pm. My mum was busy packing the living room and had totally forgotten that I had instructed her to wake me up. Luckily, the auntie was available but I interrupted her from packing her house for it was going to be her flat’s HDB renovation soon.

My evening was spent quite efficient working on a tuition time sheet to put on the tuition website. I also spent some time settling some matters about the tuition agency.

My dinner was instant porridge and redbean soup and I continued with my work after that.


First Official Meeting with Andrew

[Wednesday, 27 October, 2010]

I was working on the tuition website until my mum returned from work and we started packing and cleaning up the house. While I was trying hard to fix back the doors of the compartment under the stoves, my elder brother was woke up by the noise. I had actually fixed it after much struggles but my mum insisted that the wool separator in between the two levels was placed in the wrong direction by my brothers earlier. Since it was too tight to be removed, we had to leave it for after daylight.

I took my shower after that and realised it was already over 5am. I had my breakfast – bread with milo. After blogging, I tried to continue with my website but gave up at 8am when I was totally exhausted by the cleaning up of my house earlier.

I woke up before noon but dozed off again. I halted the work on my website and went to the gym in the evening. While waiting for Letian, I started doing my workout after missing it for a week. Letian dropped us an SMS that he was still feeling unwell and thus Andrew and I began the business discussion without him. Daoxiong was around and I was pissed off when he told me that their competitor had used the’s website contents, which was plagiarism.

After going home, I continued working on my website.


Last Day of Renovation for my Flat

[Tuesday, 26 October, 2010]

I began my day continuing to work with Tze Khit at the gym for his banner. I was glad that everything was completed soon we left after I transferred the files into his thumbdrive.

Back at home, I tried Bobby’s photo CDs but they were old and thus quite problematic. Two CDs failed and the final set of three discs for the software required me to insert specific CD in order to retrieve some of the photo galleries. Anyway, the photos were quite small and thus they could not solve all my problems.

I finally got to shower at my house’s bathroom. Since the workers were too slow, they delayed some of the touch-up work, such as installing the heater back. They were too lazy to clear up the mess as they did not want to do double job on the second last day of renovation work. After taking the cold bathe, I continued working on my website and slept after 7am.

I woke up at around noon. The Starhub team from the CRM department rang me up. The lady knew about the conversation I had with her colleague the day before and she insisted that they could only offer me a hundred dollar renewal voucher for my mobile phone line. I was quite pissed off for my entire family were using Starhub line and we were also their hub club member who used their SCV and Maxonline services.

My elder brother went downstairs to get medicine and thus I had to entertain Lucky who kept disturbing me from my sleep. In the last afternoon, he went down for his leg treatment.

Soon, the renovation ended and I started cleaning and packing up my house together with my mum. I washed the toilet and bathroom’s wall thoroughly and was disappointed that the workers left tiny paint stains around. So much for the cheap bill under the HDB upgrade programme, we accepted the condition since we knew the foreign talents were lowly paid as well and it would only boil up their blood to create extra problems for us.

My younger brother joined us after he got home while my elder brother fixed up the new bathroom corner rack form IKEA. We were very impressed with our new furniture, including the mirror. My dinner was packet vegetarian mee hoon and it lessened the pressure on my weak stomach after the days of torment.

The endless work after my dinner was the cleaning up of the kitchen’s windows. The frames remained dusty no matter how many times I wiped them.

At around 11pm, I eased my cleaning work and went on to my website while catching the Taiwanese show on channel 8.


Meeting Off, Stuck at the Gym for Work

[Monday, 25 October, 2010]

As usual, I spent the morning working on my tuition website and then blogging. I went to sleep after 7am.

Lucky woke me up in the afternoon. My elder brother went down for his leg treatment again and thus I had to take care of Lucky by myself for an hour.

A guy from Starhub, Ari, called me regarding the request for voucher for my renewal of mobile phone plan. He insisted that Starhub could only give me at most a hundred dollar voucher and I was quite pissed off. I got him to call me back the next day so that I could discuss with my younger brother as we had intention to switch over to Singtel for Starhub’s reception was ridiculous.

I wanted to go down to the gym earlier but I had some stuffs to sort out with my younger brother regarding the tuition agency. Since he was coming home, I waited for him.

I left home at around 7.30pm, so that I would be early for the meeting with Andrew and Letian. I was quite shocked that none of them was around there since I thought they would be there for training before the meeting. I waited until it passed 8pm, I SMSed Letian who did not reply me. Later on, I tried contacting Andrew and he told me the meeting was cancelled for Letian was sick. I was at a lost suddenly for waiting down there over nothing.

Tze Khit stopped me from leaving since he had a poster for me to edit. He accompanied me to Burger King where I grabbed my dinner and helped Wilson to get a meal too. Tze Khit insisted to treat me for the dinner but I used his fifty dollars note to foot the bill before taking out my money from my wallet to return to him together with the change. He was too generous to check the sum.

We went back to the gym soon and I started having my dinner. The new mushroom chicken tasted quite nice at the first bite but I craved for the normal chicken burger instead.

I started working with Tze Khit and Bobby. They wanted to make changes to my previous design with all the updated stuffs. It was an extremely tough night for me as they were trying hard to fight against time and poured me with multiple instructions at one time before I could finish even a step. There were numerous trial and errors to exhaust my brain and fingers, especially when I was using the laptop’s mouse pad.

Right before midnight, when it was almost done, while waiting for them to surf the net for photos, I rushed to the toilet as I had diarrhoea. The rest of them left the gym soon.


Trying Out New Design, Playing with Colours

[Sunday, 24 October, 2010]

It was a hell morning for me as I tried to match colours for the new design of the tuition website. Eventually I went to sleep at 10am. I woke up at 4pm to continue with my work.

Dinner was at Kopi Tiam at Pinnacle Duxton together with my younger brother’s tall German friend. My elder brother did not join us since his leg was injured. The roasted duck rice did not taste really good.

Since it was a non-working day for my mum, she was able to go down with us to wash up early. My younger brother and I took the side bathroom while my mum had Lucky leashed and tied to the door where she started washing clothes. Since we operated at the same time without waiting for one another, we managed to go home earlier.

I spent the rest of the night on my website.


A Clearer Picture of Andrew’s Ideas

[Saturday, 23 October, 2010]

I started the day with my website and blogging. Sleeping time was after 7am.

I woke up at around 3pm to continue with my work. Bobby rang me up in the late afternoon and caught me surprised for he was only a few minutes away from my house. I quickly emptied my elder brother’s army backpack and took it down with me. Bobby and Andrew were waiting at the lift lobby. We chatted for a while and after Bobby left, Andrew further told me about his idea for the business. I was quite impressed with his ideas.

While continuing with my website, I dozed off for a while.

My elder brother, mum and Lucky went down to the third storey with me together. I took my shower while my mum washed the clothes. After that, my elder brother started showering for Lucky.


The Lucky Two Smiles because of Lucky

[Friday, 22 October, 2010]

My mum and I went down to the third storey to take our shower. We brought along Lucky as usual and we took turns to look after him. As usual, I spent my morning working on the tuition website. Eventually, I spent hours typing emails to get helps for the website. I continued with blogging and gave up after 7am. Lucky came into the room and my younger brother woke up just in time to halt me from dozing off. I fell asleep after 9am.

I saw light at around 2pm. One of the workers knocked the door to get permission to come in because he needed to change the electricity wires for the main switch and it was then I realised how the cabling worked.

A china man was working on the new main door, which was ahead of schedule. However, my mum and elder brother tried on it and realised there were difficulties closing the door without using strength. They went downstairs and my mum went to the office to complain about the door. I was totally turned off when I saw the guy, Bob Lim, one of the site supervisors.

As expected, he told me craps and lied that it was how the door should work and then he started telling me stories about the other units’ doors that were done improperly. I tried my neighbour’s door and it was smooth. Later on, another supervisor, Ricky Teo, came by and my mum told him about it. Immediately, he called the China man back and insisted that something must be done to the poor finishing. We confirmed that we were right about the problem and I saw through the hypocrite who tried to push problems away to save himself from trouble.

We went to Chinatown for dinner with Lucky. My younger brother brought his slippers along to fix it and we waited very long for him between Chinatown Complex and the flat at Sago Lane. After that, he told us that it was due to a China guy trying so hard to bargain price for a pair shoes with the shop owner that my younger brother had to wait for them to finish before he could talk to the owner.

We went to Food Street but half of the stalls were empty. We decided to go to the chicken rice shop further down towards the main street. After having our dinner, we walked towards Outram MRT along the main road and went to the Japan Home shop to see what we could get for the bathroom so that we could get the workers to fix up at the end of the renovation.

My elder brother carried Lucky and waited at the squeezy entrance of the shop and I took over him after a while since he had better ideas what to get. It was one of my luckiest days I had after months that while I was trying to make way for the passers-by to avoid Lucky from trying to sniff anyone, a very stylish and charming girl passed by with her mum, and we exchanged smiles. At the end of the shop’s entrance, they made a U-turn and we exchanged smiles the second time. I saw the luxuries of carrying a cute dog on the street.

My brothers and I went for shower at the third storey as early as 10pm without my mum since we knew she would return after midnight.


Is It My Fault?

[Thursday, 21 October, 2010]

My elder brother and mum went to the MacDonald’s for supper together. Upon we returned, we saw urine on the living room’s floor but poo on the newspaper inside the kitchen. We got Lucky a “new house” by putting blanket into his carrier. I went over to accompany my elder brother to catch the Man Utd’s soccer match while doing my work. I went to sleep after 8am.

I woke up at nearly 4pm. Process of work was slow for the day and I spent the evening catching television shows. When my mum knew that my elder brother’s girlfriend was coming over during this period when my mum had to hand wash the clothes, she started complaining over the phone to probably my aunt. I felt weird whenever she said she was keeping all the sorrows within herself because it got me confused with all her complaints. Anyway, she gave my younger brother a call to brood over it as well and she got pissed off when he mentioned, “Is it my fault?” She never wanted to speak up directly to my elder brother and it became a torment to my younger brother and I.

I spent the night working on the tuition website.

“If you keep complaining and yet do nothing about it, you are just making everyone else suffer but leaving things as it is. The endless pains of all these years. If only everyone spares a thought for others.”


Smart Tuition Singapore Development Continued

[Wednesday, 20 October, 2010]

I finished a new page for Smart Tuition Singapore. Then, I started blogging till around 7am.

I woke up at 3pm eventually and “mended” my Facebook game for a while before going down to the third storey with my elder brother and Lucky to pee. After that, I continued working on my website.

My dinner was packet rice. After that, my elder brother and I took Lucky down for a walk. We went to find my mum to get her to sew the leash to a metal chain as Lucky had torn it earlier with his teeth. Then, both of us went down to meet my younger brother at the bus-stop. Before that, we bought a cup of Slurpee from the 7-11.