Good Feast at Chinatown Complex

[Sunday, 3 October, 2010]

I had another tough night working on my new website. For the second time, I slept with Lucky at the living room’s floor on straw mat at 6am. My younger brother returned at 9am from his German friends’ hotel. Then I went into the bedroom to sleep and Lucky joined me.

I had lunch with my brothers and elder brother’s girlfriend at Maxwell Food Centre and we brought Lucky along. I was not sure what to eat since taking the two dollar value noodle too often was not a good choice. In the end, I went to the curry chicken rice stall to get some expensive mixed vegetable rice for my younger brother and I.

After lunch, we took Lucky to the third storey to play at the playground. My elder brother bathed Lucky after we went back and I started working on my website again.

At night, the entire family had dinner at Chinatown Complex. We ordered satays, sting ray, vegetable, fish head and xiao long bao. We also had cheap guava juice, lychee drinks and dessert. We shopped a while at CK departmental stall before we hurried home to feed Lucky. He had his dinner at 9pm for the first time. We were not very worried since he often dragged his dinner.


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