Facebook Account Down

[Tuesday, 5 October, 2010]

I was totally engrossed in the website and went to sleep at 8am. I woke up after 2pm.

It was a rather weird day.

I was on my laptop in the living room when I heard a girl’s voice saying “I’m scared of dogs”. Soon, a girl walked past and dropped a flyer for a community project. I was stunned when I saw the elegant girl in her white top, looking sweet and simple. I could not help but to feel lucky.

I took Lucky down to the gym with my thumbdrive but I could see A4 size posters at the new gym before I went up and I knew I had wasted my effort. I tried to keep Lucky as close to me as possible in case he started peeing around.

After reaching home, I was horrified to realise that my Facebook account was disabled. With my connections lost, it was difficult to start advertising when my new site was going to be up soon.

Anyway, I spent the night continuing with my website. We did not bring Lucky down for a walk since I had already brought him down earlier to the gym.


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