Accompanied Mum for Eyes Check-up

[Thursday, 7 October, 2010]

As usual, I started my day working on the website and slept at 5am. I woke up as early as 7am to accompany my mum to the National Eye Centre for free check-up. I brought my laptop along since I knew it was going to be a long day. I sat there along working on the CMS for my website but there was a silly issue that wasted lots of time – the MySQL Query Browser did not store my data properly and I thought it was due to the coding that caused me unable to login. I dozed off occasionally a couple of times there.

After reaching home at around noon, I dozed off without eating anything as I was too exhausted from the lack of sleep for the past two nights. All the construction work next door was unable to wake me up.

It was after 4pm, I woke up to continue with my website. Having dinner at 9pm, my brothers brought Lucky down for a walk and came back before I went down to join them. I continued working on my website.


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