Smoking Outlaws

[Sunday, 10 October, 2010]

I took a long time to blog and went to bed at around 5.30am.

I woke up at noon and went to Ah Moy Street with my family for lunch. After that, I continued my beauty sleep.

Our dinner was at Swis Ling Restaurant, an outdoor seafood stall at 1 Teo Hong Road. We were telling the waitress that we did not want to sit near any smoking area and suddenly, two young Chinese guys came over and one was holding a lighted cigarette. They took the table next to us, which was stationed in the non-smoking area. We changed table. When the waitress came over, I questioned her about allowing her customers to smoke at inappropriate places, and she claimed that her customers would be fined two hundred bucks. From what we knew, the stall owner, or probably the person in charge would be fined as well for allowing that.

We ordered some mee hoon, fried rice, satays and a plate of pork ribs. The pork ribs were expensive with a few miserable pieces at ten bucks, but they tasted extremely nice. The homemade honey lemon was fantastic as well. However, my younger brother got bitten badly by mosquitoes and when the bill came, we were stunned by the price of the drinks.

Before we left, a China lady came over and took the big table besides ours, and started lighting up cigarette stick as well. I was very disappointed at how people could break the laws and harm other people’s health. I wondered how she would react if someone were to keep farting besides her while she was eating. Anyway, the waitress did not do anything as well, probably because she did not want to offend her customers and lose the businesses.

After reaching home, I got myself a photo of a smoker for an article in SmokeForWhat from a net friend.


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