Swim at Sengkang and Foot Massage at People’s Park Centre

[Saturday, 9 October, 2010]

Other than working on my new website, I started blogging for my personal and other blogs to keep them updated. I slept at 5am. It was an unusual day for I slept on top of the double decker bed, swapping places with my younger brother. However, as I climbed up, Lucky woke up and made a din for he wanted to join me.

I woke up at 8am. When I was checking my email, I realised my Facebook account was live again. I was the first to arrive at Sengkang. Peh had just woke up while Gilbert was a few stations away. I even had the time to walk around and hesitate to have my KFC twister because I was worried that I might throw out inside the pool later. I went to the toilet before going to the control station to meet up with Gilbert. We went to Breadtalk and we set off to Farmway after I had my hotdog bun.

While we were purchasing the tickets to the swimming pools, Peh arrived just in time. I felt uneasy with the old swimming trunk for the rubber was loose already. We used the digital lockers before going down to the main pool. We stopped after each lap and completed only ten laps. Then we went to play the slides. It was very enjoyable and I was quite reluctant to leave but Peh was having something on.

We went to Compass Point for lunch. Dining at Yoshinoya was one of the worst terrors I had but I decided to go with the flow without telling them I did not like the restaurant. Peh had to leave right after the meal and I followed Gilbert to Ion to get his new Topshop member card. After walking around for a while, we went home.

I dozed off in the afternoon soon after reaching home. In the evening, my younger brother decided to bring my mum for massage as she was complaining about her shoulders after the long eyes check-up. We went to People’s Park Centre and my younger brother and I had foot massage while waiting for my mum. It was a good experience for the send time I had ever had foot massage. The massager held back whenever he saw that I was in extreme pain. The only flaw was that the two massagers kept talking and often paused.

We had dinner at the hawker centre nearby. Since I had five pieces of “shui guo” before leaving house, we shared two plates of noodle. The shops that we wanted to visit were all closed. During the journey home, my elder brother called and we met up at Duxton Plain Park with Lucky. My younger brother went home to get the waveboard and scooter, while the rest of us crossed over to the 7-11 store below Icon to get slurpee.


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