New Article and Debugged for Smart Tuition Singapore

[Tuesday, 19 October, 2010]

I continued with my first article for Smart Tuition Singapore. Then, I did programming for the website’s administration page while I fought against my mum’s loud snores. I went to sleep after 7.30am. Lucky attacked my bed like usual and he succeeded sleeping besides me as I was too tired to get him off to his own bed.

I woke up in the afternoon and started with the FIFA Superstars game. Then, I continued working on the Smart Tuition Singapore website. I went down to the third storey to use the temporary toilet and then I called my elder brother who took Lucky down for a walk. We met up near the main office of the HDB upgrade project. Since dog was not allowed, my elder brother went in alone to look at the mock-up room.

After reaching home, I continued working with the website. Suddenly, I realised I had forgotten to store a field in the request for tutor page. Before I could make any amendment, my elder brother and mum were ready to go down for dinner.

After having dinner at the same coffee shop as the previous day, my elder brother and I took Lucky to the third storey for a walk and we tried to train him to come to us immediately when we called out to him. After reaching home, I continued working on the website.


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