Is It My Fault?

[Thursday, 21 October, 2010]

My elder brother and mum went to the MacDonald’s for supper together. Upon we returned, we saw urine on the living room’s floor but poo on the newspaper inside the kitchen. We got Lucky a “new house” by putting blanket into his carrier. I went over to accompany my elder brother to catch the Man Utd’s soccer match while doing my work. I went to sleep after 8am.

I woke up at nearly 4pm. Process of work was slow for the day and I spent the evening catching television shows. When my mum knew that my elder brother’s girlfriend was coming over during this period when my mum had to hand wash the clothes, she started complaining over the phone to probably my aunt. I felt weird whenever she said she was keeping all the sorrows within herself because it got me confused with all her complaints. Anyway, she gave my younger brother a call to brood over it as well and she got pissed off when he mentioned, “Is it my fault?” She never wanted to speak up directly to my elder brother and it became a torment to my younger brother and I.

I spent the night working on the tuition website.

“If you keep complaining and yet do nothing about it, you are just making everyone else suffer but leaving things as it is. The endless pains of all these years. If only everyone spares a thought for others.”


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