Bathing the Kampong Style

[Saturday, 16 October, 2010]

I started the FIFA Superstars game in Facebook after Guoxin pestered me a few times to play. It began quite a turned off for loading was a problem and there was bug that prevented me from doing anything at the start. After that, I continued working on Facebook. I went to bed after 4am.

Lucky woke me up in the morning and after dozing off a few times, I woke up for my mum’s packet noodle. I was half alive and visited my younger brother at the third storey’s temporary study room at noon. After going home, I took more naps.

The entire family had our dinner at the coffee shop between Cantonment Road and Yan Kit Road. We went to the noodle stall and the male stall owner was irritating me as he tried to sell his food too hard. When I footed the bill, he was showing me how to count the money right in front of me and refused to leave after some time, acting like a moron. I was also right about my anticipation of the drinks. We ordered homemade iced lemon tea and that guy served us four cups of very healthy ones, which were almost tasteless. We went back to get him to add more sugar but it tasted as bland.

We took Lucky for a walk right after finishing dinner. As we unleashed Lucky, he walked away without answering to our call and eventually went to the road. He was lucky enough that there was no car at the entrance of the car park as my younger brother and I noticed that he had no sense of danger at all.

After going home, I caught the television show on channel 8 for a while before my mum came home. My younger brother and I went down to the third storey with her to use the temporary bathroom. There was a moveable one placed at the kitchen but we did not like it for it was too small. Moreover, my mum needed to wash the clothes by hands since she could not use the washing machine, and it was too difficult for her to do it inside the small moveable toilet. We carried our stuffs down and then waited for mum to finish washing the clothes. It was like kampong style in the olden days where every household shared the common bathroom and toilet. It was fun but troublesome.


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