First Official Meeting with Andrew

[Wednesday, 27 October, 2010]

I was working on the tuition website until my mum returned from work and we started packing and cleaning up the house. While I was trying hard to fix back the doors of the compartment under the stoves, my elder brother was woke up by the noise. I had actually fixed it after much struggles but my mum insisted that the wool separator in between the two levels was placed in the wrong direction by my brothers earlier. Since it was too tight to be removed, we had to leave it for after daylight.

I took my shower after that and realised it was already over 5am. I had my breakfast – bread with milo. After blogging, I tried to continue with my website but gave up at 8am when I was totally exhausted by the cleaning up of my house earlier.

I woke up before noon but dozed off again. I halted the work on my website and went to the gym in the evening. While waiting for Letian, I started doing my workout after missing it for a week. Letian dropped us an SMS that he was still feeling unwell and thus Andrew and I began the business discussion without him. Daoxiong was around and I was pissed off when he told me that their competitor had used the’s website contents, which was plagiarism.

After going home, I continued working on my website.


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