Renovation Work Next Door was Affecting My Family

[Wednesday, 13 October, 2010]

I dozed off at around 6.30am and woke up at 3pm eventually. My appetite was bad.

It was another non-efficient day since the renovation work of my neighbour next door started. The noise level was terribly irritating and that my neighbour came over to my house to use the toilet often. I did not realise until my mum told me that the neighbour even came over to wash clothes and bathe.

There were jokes about this neighbour going to another neighbour’s house, which posed lots of troubles especially with the insane peeing of her dog. On the second day of the renovation when it was clean enough for the dog to stay at home, she insisted to go over to the neighbour’s house again. We felt lucky that we had Lucky with us and thus we were spared.

I spent most of my day on the television other than playing with Lucky.


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