Started Facebook Marketing for Smart Tuition

[Monday, 18 October, 2010]

I was working on the Smart Tuition website and fell asleep for a while. I spent some time blogging and slept after 5am.

I woke up at around noon and started off my day toying around with the FIFA Superstars game on Facebook. Then, I started Facebook marketing for the tuition agency website. However, halfway through, my mum and elder brother wanted to go down for dinner and we brought Lucky along. At the carpark, a neighbour started questioning my mum about her giving wrong direction to the workers to tear down our next-door neighbour’s built-in cupboard in the kitchen.

My mum had told us earlier about it and we knew that it was because this neighbour went to another neighbour’s house to use the toilet and made my mum look after the house for her during the renovation. She took as long as half an hour to return since she was happily chatting after the use of toilet and when the workers asked my mum who had no idea about it, they removed the cupboards.

I was very frustrated by this neighbour, the “victim”, as I found it really stupid for her to push all the blames to my mum after my mum did her the favour of monitoring the workers. She was at fault for leaving the house so long as the problem would not have happened if she were to return earlier. Anyway, anyone in her shoes would have returned home right after using the toilet and not make the kind helper rot over there. Lastly, it was very irritating and ungrateful for her to spread the story around the neighbourhood to badmouth my mum.

I was not very supportive of dining downstairs with Lucky because most restaurants and coffee shops would not have allowed pets along. It would be a different case if we were living in Europe where pets were much appreciated and could even go on public transport. We waited quite a while for tables outside the small shop near the 7-11.

After having dinner, my elder brother and I walked the dog for a while before going home. Upon reaching home, I suggested my brother to go visit the mock-up room for the HDB upgrade so that he could roughly see how we could purchase items for the bathroom and toilet. However, the man inside the temporary office turned us down, saying we should have visited it before 6pm.

After going home, I continued with the Facebook marketing. I had received responses for the Smart Tuition website. I spent some time replying emails.


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