The Weird Last-Minute Wedding Invitation

[Saturday, 2 October, 2010]

Lucky peed on his cushion and blanket and caused frustration in all of us. My mum left him inside the kitchen but I got him into the living room and accompanied him to sleep on the floor. He was, however, hyperactive and refused to go to sleep. My elder brother woke up and started entertaining him a bit before he went back to sleep again. I dozed off for a while and eventually went into the bedroom in the morning when the rest of them were up.

I woke up before noon but lazed around for some time before going down to the gym to meet Bobby. Since he told me that he would be available between 11am and 12pm, I did not take my brunch. He wanted me to help him with photo editing and it was a tedious job at the gym without a proper table. After that, I went down to see the new shop with him and Dan, and it was cool to know that they were expanding it downwards. Bobby wanted to catch a bite before his next training session and he decided to try the Keen on Crepes nearby, which I advised him not to. We had a long wait and I knew I was right about the taste.

After reaching home, I started working on my website and purchased a new domain name. My elder brother went to Vivocity with his girlfriend and I skipped it since I was busy and my mum did not want to go.

I had a frustrating night for my mum was bothering me with stories and Lucky’s poo. I was excited to see the movie “seven swords” on channel 8 but my primary school friend’s mum came over to deliver his wedding invitation card. She came in and sat to talk with my mum and I totally lost track of the great movie’s happening.

I found it so weird that his mum was the one delivering it down personally at late hour and made me write my name on the card for myself. She was also trying to get contacts of the other primary schoolmates. Usually, friends would call or drop a message online to invite before they officially prepare the wedding invitation card and I found it extremely uncomfortable to engage it face to face where I was kind of being forced to go without room for consideration. What bothered me were the time and travelling distance over to Pasir Ris and it was a church wedding. Moreover, I could not do other planning for my Saturday anymore.


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