Xbox 360 Kinect

[Friday, 26 November, 2010]

I worked insanely on my tuition Singapore website again and went to sleep at 8am. There were still so many things to be amended.

I woke up near 5pm and had fried rice. Then, I continued on my work.

Tze Khit started asking me down to the gym, telling me Andrew was there already. I explained to him that I still owed them work and thus I felt more stressed when seeing them.

I went down eventually an hour later to take a break. I met them while they were crossing the road. Since Bobby was left alone in the gym, I decided not to join them at Icon for dinner so that I could at least accompany Bobby. I started working out soon while chatting with Bobby.

It was a very exciting night for they started to install the new Xbox 360 Kinect and we started to have fun. Since I had my workout a while before that, I was totally wrecked soon. Andrew, however, proceeded with a few more games.


Harry Potter Movie with my Mentor

[Thursday, 25 November, 2010]

I was working on my Singapore tuition agency website as usual before I went to sleep at 4am. I woke up at 10am and started working on Tze Khit’s eNets payment. After taking a nap, I went to Vivocity to meet up with Mike.

After reaching the place at 3pm sharp, I tried to contact Mike to check if he had arrived. I had another shock of my life against caused by my phone again for his number was no longer inside my contact list. I had never expected anything like that to happen for I had always been keeping my contacts inside my SIM card. After my phone died on me and I started using the old Nokia 3120, I had the same shock quite often.

There was nothing much I could do. I thought he would contact me once he reached. I went to the Starbucks and waited a while until there was empty space, I quickly tried to log into the internet using my laptop. I also called my younger brother to try to get him to insert his SIM card into my dead phone, which the numeric buttons were still working. However, Mike messaged me through MSN and we agreed that internet made wonders. He reached soon and explained that he had sent me an SMS followed by a call, which another guy picked up instead. He was using my old number probably.

We had a very long conversation there. He went through my tuition agency website and gave me feedbacks. He showed me his plans and I was very stunned by his ideas. We went to Carl’s Junior for dinner before he collapsed from famine. Then, we went to the Harry Potter movie. It was a bad start for my stomach was torturing me and I did not expect myself to last through the movie.

Harry Potter was reasonably a good movie, however, it reminded me of “Lighting Thief”, which the characters were looking for items one by one. It was just like a RPG game.

It was quite pathetic for me as I rarely went for movies and yet, I went with guys instead of girls almost every time. Nevertheless, I benefited a lot from the trip for it was much clearer to get answers from Mike face to face rather than using MSN.

After reaching home, I started working hard to “gain back” the time that I had lost. I had a very hard time trying to work on a software and web utility that Mike passed to me. My brain was almost bursting when my brothers were discussing over holiday trip and they repeatedly bugged me that killed my mood for any trip entirely.


Bitch, Bitches

[Wednesday, 24 November, 2010]

I finished up a page about Stress Management for Smart Tuition and went to sleep as early as right after 2am.

I woke up before 6am because of Lucky moving around. I was very scared that he wanted to pee or even do his big business that I opened the door a few times for him. In the end, I switched off the air-conditioner and went back to sleep with the door opened so that he could go outside any time.

I woke up after 9am eventually caused by the renovation noise of the unit above. The disgusting bitch decided to join in the fun of the HDB home improvement after all my surrounding units had completed ours.

The renovation was actually planned well enough that the work would start for one unit on three storeys (vertical) each time for two weeks. In the mid of the two weeks, the next three units (horizontal) beside them would proceed. Upon completion of the first three units, the next three units below would have their turns.

I did not expect the terrible noise and air pollution would come back a month after everything was cleared up. I started cursing her when I recalled how much time I had spent cleaning the kitchen’s windows and frames right after our renovation, because the dust and dirt had their best hideout in between the windows and frames; unless I could remove the entire windows from the frame to clean them, nothing much could be done to clean them.

I was extremely disgusted and disappointed at the management of the project for allowing such incident to happen. The noise and dust had badly affected my family and I. I had to change my plan to go to the gym earlier to do work and train up before the meeting in the late evening. I had to stay at home to bear with the noise with all the windows closed, because I could not leave Lucky inside the kitchen anymore like usual when everyone was out. My younger brother went down to the third storey to escape from the shit soon since he had to study for his exams.

I was very fed up and the nasty network connection worsened my mood. I replaced the old router my elder brother took from his girlfriend with our original tiny one, and the connection was much faster and I needed not refresh the pages multiple times in order to get some images loaded.

In the early afternoon, nobody was at home except me. Lucky surprised me by going into the bedroom alone and slept on my bed. I went in a few times to check on him and he followed me out like normal but he went in again. I was not sure why he was so “emo”. He was never like this even if my elder brother was not home and I suspected it was due to the drilling noises caused by the bitch. Anyway, during my house’s renovation, I stayed inside the bedroom almost the entire day with Lucky, and I suspected it was partly due to this experience that he thought he should stay inside.

In the mid afternoon, my mum returned home with a neighbour who stayed next block. My house was the “show flat” again and I was quite sick of it. Moreover, this auntie asked me to carry Lucky when I was trying hard to rush my work. I got so disgusted for I could not do my work anymore.

In the evening, I tried my luck in Facebook to look for people to go to the movie with me for the next day. Luck was not with me but it was a really good try for I did not expect to get a response that I did not have for many years. Eventually I had to leave my house for the meeting at the gym. I tried to do my work-out but I only got to complete one station before the meeting started.

We were stuck at the same issue until Andrew thought of an alternative. Since it was not foolproof, I still could not see a confirmed success.


Meeting up Gilbert for Harry Potter Tickets

[Tuesday, 23 November, 2010]

I spent my morning blogging and working on my tuition agency website. I finished a new page to talk about Maths in Singapore. I went research for my competitors’ websites. Morale was low since I knew there was too much work I had to work on in order to excel in the massive competition.

My mum bought breakfast for my younger brother and I. I was very hungry for the “lor mai gai” but the pathetic dining table was filled with items such as steamboat, biscuits, titbits, handbag, empty containers, controllers, flyers, bottles and other things that I had to wait for both of them to finish their food. After my younger brother left, my mum occupied the two only available spaces and I lost patience to my hunger and started eating with a hand holding it.

I went to meet Gilbert in the early afternoon to collect movie tickets for Harry Potter. He bought it from his company as welfare at five bucks each but he had a briefing on his university course on Thursday that he could not watch with me. We met up outside the SingPost and crossed over to the food court at Amara Hotel. I did not take any food for I had my meal nearly an hour before that.

After sending Gilbert off to the MRT station, I went to the gym to chat with Tze Khit. His mum and maid arrived and I told him to leave the gym to me since he was going to send his mum to the hospital for check-up. Junze and Daoxiong arrived soon. I had a short discussion with Junze over our project before I left home.

I dozed off soon but woke up many times. Eventually I got up after 6pm and continued with my tuition agency website. I managed to complete the Credits page before joining my brothers to walk the dog. I had no luck in finding a companion to go to the cinema with me for the Harry Potter movie.


First Official Meeting

[Monday, 22 November, 2010]

I spent the morning updating my blogs and slept at 8am eventually.

I woke up at 4pm. Lucky gave me hell with his waste. My elder brother’s girlfriend tried to bring him down for a walk but he refused to follow and started crying at the lift lobby.

I went to the gym and Bobby kept me occupied with amendments to their flyers. Next was Tze Khit’s turn to flood me with amendments to his website. Andrew reached later and I was in a mess to remember the points to be updated as some were given verbally. I was stress for I was supposed to have meeting with my team but the updating work was holding it back with my team-mates surrounding me. Anyway, I had a “bao” to fill my stomach while I was working. I was not sure who paid for it, together with my dessert but I wasted no time to ask since they would not take the money from me.

Alas, the meeting started and Andrew’s new idea struck me. I was exhausted after the intensive work while my tuition agency website was bugging me, and I was empty. There was no solution to implement Andrew’s brilliant plan without paying a high cost. Bobby impressed me as well with his knowledge. In the end, we went to Maxwell Food Centre.

After reaching home, I continued with the work for Tze Khit.


Shopping at Vivocity

[Sunday, 21 November, 2010]

I spent the morning working on my tuition agency website and went to sleep at 8am.

I woke up at 4pm eventually. My elder brother, his girlfriend, my mum and I went to Vivocity together at 7pm. Since I took my first meal late, I did not eat anything at the Kopi Tiam food court. We shared a bowl of dessert. We went to the Giants before Daiso and finally to the pet shop. Eventually we bought sushi at the Giants before going home. I was quite turned off for some of the salmon had already turned bad and I knew the sushi’s quality was not that good anymore.

After a quick shopping at the NTUC, we started eating sushi at home.


Volunteered for ASD Singapore Goodies Bag Packing Team

[Saturday, 20 November, 2010]

I worked on the tuition agency website until 9am and managed to also create a Twitter and Feedburner accounts for it. I dozed off for a while until 10am and felt quite surprised that Huiting did not give me morning call. My mum bought noodle for me and the fish cake she heated up in the oven was cold. I went to the toilet twice and I knew I would be late definitely.

Huiting called me when I was at the lift lobby and in order not to be disconnected, I did not board the lift. She told me she was leaving Singapore Polytechnic and since she did not know how to get to her friend’s place as well, we decided to meet. However, I was not sure where to meet her at since she did not know the Pasir Panjang Food Centre. We agreed on meeting at the prata shop, which I knew would take me longer to reach.

I was too tired to walk after having the diarrhoea and thus I went to the bus-stop in front of Amara Hotel instead of walking a longer distance to Keppel Road. I alighted at Vivocity to change bus but Huiting told me her bus did not stop near the prata shop. Therefore, I got her to take cab in directly while I stick to my original plan.

After arriving at Pasir Panjang, I made a wrong move to enter the private estate on my left, which was actually a deadly. Judging from the map, if there was an opening, I would have shortened my journey by quite a lot. I took the entrance at the extreme right and managed to find a familiar path along the canal. Eventually I made it to the playground and I was lucky to reach the destination soon.

After going into the house, I managed to see Huiting and I was quite stunned to see that one of the girls was stylish looking. We got started soon and it was quite messy for the goodies from the sponsors were too many to be lined up properly. We had over four hundreds of goodies bags to settle and I mainly worked on some papers and magnets that nearly broke my back.

We ended work after 2pm and went to the nearest duck rice stall to eat. It was the second time I went there and I was quite surprised over how popular it seemed to be when there was nothing much special. The meal cost more than sixty bucks and Ricky, being the eldest guy, treated us.

We took bus to Harbourfront while Huiting stayed at the bus-stop to wait for her sister to drive over. I was quiet through the journey for I knew none of them, except for the stylish babe did talk to me on the way for our lunch. I waited at the bus-top while the rest of them went to the train station.

I dozed off soon with Lucky after reaching home after 3pm. I woke up at around 6pm and started working on the tuition agency website.


The Better SEO Soon

[Friday, 19 November, 2010]

My mum tried hard to bring Lucky down for a walk but he refused to follow. It took great pain for my mum to get him to the lift lobby but he refused to move and cried. I ended up following them down in order not to disappoint my mum despite I was feeling fatigue.

I slept soon after 2am and woke up at 5am. Since I could not get back to sleep, I got up at 7am to continue my work on the tuition agency website. My breakfast was noodle. After that, I dozed off.

My lunch was fried rice and my mum used the same sausage she cooked the breakfast.

Mike messaged me after more than half a year and he began teaching me more about SEO to improve on my skill after he realised I was finally working on a profitable site – Smart Tuition Singapore. He even passed me a very powerful tool. Since I was on discussion with Mike, I did not my join my brothers in walking the dog.

While I was very stressed that there were too many things to improve and add on, Huiting called me and asked me to help her the next morning for the ASD Singapore goodies bag package project. At first I thought it was so coincidentally at Tanjong Pagar but I was stunned when she told me online that it was a “wulu” place at Pasir Panjang. I was very stressed since there were too many things to be done.


Working Out After Long Slack

[Thursday, 18 November, 2010]

I began the day working on the tuition agency website and blog as usual. I tried sleeping at 5am but I gave up two hours later to continue with my work. I created RSS using other open source codes and finally dozed off after 10am.

I woke up at 3pm and started to handle Tze Khit’s eNets stuffs but I failed again. I took quite some time to reply Josephine an email before continuing with my work.

I went to the gym at 9pm together with my younger brother and Lucky. Since the guys were going out for dinner, I stayed over to work out to look after the gym. My younger brother took Lucky home after they returned while I continued with my training.

I stayed behind to try to render some assistance to them while they were putting up posters around the new gym. I was quite touched when Bobby asked me about Smart Tuition to show his concern when he was already exhausted.

After leaving the gym, Tze Khit passed me three hundred bucks for the work I had done for the websites and posters.


Two Hours of Waiting Time for Dinner

[Wednesday, 17 November, 2010]

Since my younger brother wanted to send Christian and Jiamin off, he suggested bringing Lucky down. He took his waveboard along. It was drizzling and thus he walked them to Chinatown by himself. I held on to the leash while my mum held my brother’s waveboard. After making a few rounds, my mum suggested going over to find my brother. We walked towards Maxwell food centre and finally gave my brother a call. He was actually opposite, at the level two of Sago Lane. We went over and I realised there was this traveller dormitory there. When Jiamin’s younger brother arrived, they gave us a lift home.

After reaching home, I continued with my work on the tuition agency website, and also created a diagram to describe the main flow of the services. Then, I did a round of email advertising before going to bed near 8am.

I woke up at 5pm eventually and had instant noodle as my first meal of the day. I continued with the tuition agency website.

In the late evening, my mum returned home after going out with my elder brother and his girlfriend. She helped my younger brother and I to call for delivery from the Golden Café. More than an hour later when my mum called them again, the lady told us our food was ready but they did not have worker to deliver over. Around forty-five minutes later, my mum called them again to cancel the order. We agreed that the staff taking order should inform us of the long waiting time. While the three of us were going down to look for dinner on our own, a china guy from the Golden Café arrived but we sent him off.

Eventually we went to the “Little Towkay” Coffee Shop between Cantonment Road and Yan Kee Road.