First Official Meeting

[Monday, 22 November, 2010]

I spent the morning updating my blogs and slept at 8am eventually.

I woke up at 4pm. Lucky gave me hell with his waste. My elder brother’s girlfriend tried to bring him down for a walk but he refused to follow and started crying at the lift lobby.

I went to the gym and Bobby kept me occupied with amendments to their flyers. Next was Tze Khit’s turn to flood me with amendments to his website. Andrew reached later and I was in a mess to remember the points to be updated as some were given verbally. I was stress for I was supposed to have meeting with my team but the updating work was holding it back with my team-mates surrounding me. Anyway, I had a “bao” to fill my stomach while I was working. I was not sure who paid for it, together with my dessert but I wasted no time to ask since they would not take the money from me.

Alas, the meeting started and Andrew’s new idea struck me. I was exhausted after the intensive work while my tuition agency website was bugging me, and I was empty. There was no solution to implement Andrew’s brilliant plan without paying a high cost. Bobby impressed me as well with his knowledge. In the end, we went to Maxwell Food Centre.

After reaching home, I continued with the work for Tze Khit.


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