Meeting up Gilbert for Harry Potter Tickets

[Tuesday, 23 November, 2010]

I spent my morning blogging and working on my tuition agency website. I finished a new page to talk about Maths in Singapore. I went research for my competitors’ websites. Morale was low since I knew there was too much work I had to work on in order to excel in the massive competition.

My mum bought breakfast for my younger brother and I. I was very hungry for the “lor mai gai” but the pathetic dining table was filled with items such as steamboat, biscuits, titbits, handbag, empty containers, controllers, flyers, bottles and other things that I had to wait for both of them to finish their food. After my younger brother left, my mum occupied the two only available spaces and I lost patience to my hunger and started eating with a hand holding it.

I went to meet Gilbert in the early afternoon to collect movie tickets for Harry Potter. He bought it from his company as welfare at five bucks each but he had a briefing on his university course on Thursday that he could not watch with me. We met up outside the SingPost and crossed over to the food court at Amara Hotel. I did not take any food for I had my meal nearly an hour before that.

After sending Gilbert off to the MRT station, I went to the gym to chat with Tze Khit. His mum and maid arrived and I told him to leave the gym to me since he was going to send his mum to the hospital for check-up. Junze and Daoxiong arrived soon. I had a short discussion with Junze over our project before I left home.

I dozed off soon but woke up many times. Eventually I got up after 6pm and continued with my tuition agency website. I managed to complete the Credits page before joining my brothers to walk the dog. I had no luck in finding a companion to go to the cinema with me for the Harry Potter movie.


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