Reservist Day 3 – The Test was Over Again

[Wednesday, 3 November, 2010]

I worked on my website until 2.30am. Even though I woke up at 5.30am, I dozed off again and my mum saved me at 6am. I met Terry on the train and we waited a while for Kang before going to the bread shop. I got myself a bun for breakfast.

We managed to catch the squadron bus. It was a sleepy morning. Test was conducted and after that was a relaxing day for all of us. I got my off form but was not certain if I could leave earlier the next day.

Since Terry had left earlier for school, I was together with Kang and we hitched a car together to get out of the camp. We met Yutong, whom I felt was a nice guy. The three of us met again at the MRT station and we took the same direction train home.

I spent some time to forward emails. It was a rush hour for me when I realised there was a bug in my personal website. There was nothing wrong in my localhost and I had to adjust the code such that both the webhost server and localhost could accept it. I was working on a new page for Smart Tuition when my brothers wanted to bring Lucky down for a walk. I joined them more than half an hour later.


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