Reservist Day One

[Monday, 1 November, 2010]

I was working on the tuition website before I started updating outdated blog entries. I went to sleep after 4am but could not doze off.

Before I made my way out of my house, I realised I did not fold my Smart Four. Terry had reached Eunos before I boarded the train. I was late for around fifteen minutes. We were very early in the end and took the squadron bus in after registering with Mingkai.

We chatted inside the AV room until around 9am when the introduction started. Then, we got to know of the new stupid rules. The ninja van came at around 10am, which was near lunch. I bought noodle and it tasted quite bad. We could hardly finish half of our lunchbox.

We took the squadron bus out in the end of the day together with Victor. Then, Terry and I took bus 94 back to Eunos before transiting to the train.

Lucky was my main concern of the day and it was good to see him back at home. I had sushi as supper. My brothers and I went down to walk Lucky before going home to catch the show.


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