Reservist Week Two

[Monday, 8 November, 2010]

I spent some time working on my tuition website and blog before I went to sleep at 2am. It was one of the earliest days I had gone to bed. I woke up at 5.30am and lazed around before setting off.

My breakfast was a black pepper chicken bun from the bread shop near Eunos MRT control station. Terry and I took the base ferry to the zone and we were quite stunned when the driver did not stop at the usual carpark.

I was present at the conference for the first time they had video camera meeting. It was quite interesting though I thought things could be easily settled with an email each. We stayed in the conference room throughout, unlike the previous time, we gathered inside a small room. It was weird to sleep and thus I stayed awake for the day. Richard kept us entertained at times. He was a very soft but crappy guy and most of all, he was very nice.

We took Lum’s car out at the end of the day but the regulars left slightly after 5.30pm and thus we did not get to the bus-stop as early as the previous week. We alighted earlier from bus 94 and walked to the MRT instead of waiting for the bus to make a big turn into the interchange.

I spent my evening on Facebook marketing.


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