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[Friday, 19 November, 2010]

My mum tried hard to bring Lucky down for a walk but he refused to follow. It took great pain for my mum to get him to the lift lobby but he refused to move and cried. I ended up following them down in order not to disappoint my mum despite I was feeling fatigue.

I slept soon after 2am and woke up at 5am. Since I could not get back to sleep, I got up at 7am to continue my work on the tuition agency website. My breakfast was noodle. After that, I dozed off.

My lunch was fried rice and my mum used the same sausage she cooked the breakfast.

Mike messaged me after more than half a year and he began teaching me more about SEO to improve on my skill after he realised I was finally working on a profitable site – Smart Tuition Singapore. He even passed me a very powerful tool. Since I was on discussion with Mike, I did not my join my brothers in walking the dog.

While I was very stressed that there were too many things to improve and add on, Huiting called me and asked me to help her the next morning for the ASD Singapore goodies bag package project. At first I thought it was so coincidentally at Tanjong Pagar but I was stunned when she told me online that it was a “wulu” place at Pasir Panjang. I was very stressed since there were too many things to be done.


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