The Home Visiting

[Saturday, 30 October, 2010]
I started the morning trying out a marketing strategy with my younger brother. Next, I continued working on the Singapore Calendar Planner 2011 for Smart Tuition Singapore. After it was done, I tried to standardise the other download pages’ format.
My elder brother left Singapore for Bali in the morning and I went to sleep at 8am.
I woke up at 4pm and my appetite was bad. My younger brother, mum and I went for Sakae Sushi at Icon for dinner.
After eating, we passed by the watch shop and had a long chat with the bosses. Then, we brought them home to look at the renovation of my house so that they could prepare for theirs and see what they could get for the workers to fix up on the last few days of the renovation.
As expected, Lucky messed up the kitchen with his pee and poo. I cleared the kitchen, mopped the floor and dried it before letting the visitors in. It was probably the only time my house was said to be tidy. After the house viewing over my place, we went over the opposite flat at their house as my mum wanted to give them opinions in clearing up the place..

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