Two Hours of Waiting Time for Dinner

[Wednesday, 17 November, 2010]

Since my younger brother wanted to send Christian and Jiamin off, he suggested bringing Lucky down. He took his waveboard along. It was drizzling and thus he walked them to Chinatown by himself. I held on to the leash while my mum held my brother’s waveboard. After making a few rounds, my mum suggested going over to find my brother. We walked towards Maxwell food centre and finally gave my brother a call. He was actually opposite, at the level two of Sago Lane. We went over and I realised there was this traveller dormitory there. When Jiamin’s younger brother arrived, they gave us a lift home.

After reaching home, I continued with my work on the tuition agency website, and also created a diagram to describe the main flow of the services. Then, I did a round of email advertising before going to bed near 8am.

I woke up at 5pm eventually and had instant noodle as my first meal of the day. I continued with the tuition agency website.

In the late evening, my mum returned home after going out with my elder brother and his girlfriend. She helped my younger brother and I to call for delivery from the Golden Café. More than an hour later when my mum called them again, the lady told us our food was ready but they did not have worker to deliver over. Around forty-five minutes later, my mum called them again to cancel the order. We agreed that the staff taking order should inform us of the long waiting time. While the three of us were going down to look for dinner on our own, a china guy from the Golden Café arrived but we sent him off.

Eventually we went to the “Little Towkay” Coffee Shop between Cantonment Road and Yan Kee Road.


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