White Face and His Shameless Craps

[Thursday, 11 November, 2010]

Since my mum had not got home from work, I took my shower before bringing Lucky down for a walk. I brought him into the shop and after some time, the ladyboss’ “white face” husband came out. He started telling me he disliked dogs and that Lucky might bite the customers’ clothes. Then, he said that his “god” will not give me child if I enjoyed the companion of dog too much. He talked about the expense of dogs and claimed that “even human does not have the money to seek medical help”.

I never wanted to give the ladyboss or my mum any problem and thus I did not remind him that he had been jobless for more than ten years, and that his wife had to be so stingy to the workers in order to settle his debt for him. I also did not want to expose him that he had tried to force his wife to buy him a car.

I slept near 4am. My mum made me bread for breakfast and thus I did not buy anything before going to the camp. Mdm Chew came over to my side early and after chatting with her, I started dozing off every now and then until Terry started helping me with forum advertising for my tuition website. At the end of the day, we took Peter Chan’s car to Novena.

I dozed off for a while at night.


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