Collected, Lost and Retrieved the Company Stamp

[Wednesday, 29 December, 2010]

I worked a bit on the tuition agency website and went to sleep after 2am.

Lucky refused to sleep and he woke me up a few times. I went to office after 9am. During lunch time, Mike and I went to Tanjong Pagar to collect the company stamp and we became arrogant and crapped a lot about it. We had lunch at the second storey’s coffee shop and the noodle with wantan and char siew at $4 was nice.

We shopped at NTUC and bought detergent to wipe off the white board. Then, we went to Watson at Amara Hotel. After reaching the office, we realised there was really a transparent cover on the white boards and that was why we could not clean the markers’ ink away.

We enjoyed some grape fruit juice without alcohol. Suddenly, we realised we had lost the company stamp.

In the evening, we drove over to Pinnacle at Duxton and parked the car there for the first time. We changed our mind and decided to go to Tanjong Pagar for dinner at Mike’s favourite Chinese mixed vegetable rice stall. After that, we went up to the second level and saw our company stamp there. Someone had tied the plastic bag to the wall. We went back to the office to continue with work.


A Disappointing Miscommunication

[Tuesday, 28 December, 2010]

I went to sleep at 3am. After my alarm clock sounded, I went off to sleep since I thought Mike would message me. I woke up at 11am and went to the office. We went to Everton Park but decided to cross over to Pinnacle at Duxton’s Kopi Tiam. We had two sets of chicken rice.

After that, we picked up the car and went over to Tanjong Pagar. I was checking my email on iPad when I saw an email for a new message from Andrew in Facebook and I was taken back because it seemed that someone had told him things that were twisted, making me a backstabber. The incident kept up with me for the entire day.

Mike and I went to make the company stamp and we checked out the price for the namecards as well. After going back to office, I spent a very long time typing a reply for Andrew instead of working on my tuition agency website. This issue further discouraged me from going down to the gym apart from I had to concentrate on my websites.

I received enquiries about tuition and it sucked that I could not continue working on the tuition agency’s website since I had to do the coordination. I knew well if I could not proceed on with my work, the business would be stagnant soon, and coordination would continue to be tedious.

Mike and I had a quick dinner at Everton Park. The mixed vegetable rice was quite nice. After going back to the office, I saw a bug in the tuition agency website and it took me quite some time to realise it was just because of the string of encoding text I placed inside the Meta.

After reaching home at 10 plus, I spent my time look through the website.


One Burden Off and Elder Brother was Home

[Monday, 27 December, 2010]

I was trying hard to solve an issue on Smart Tuition’s CMS that caused auto reload on completion of the first load. I walked through my coding and saw nothing that would trigger it. I was suspecting the server side but I failed to solve the problem. I went to sleep at 3am.

I was not sure if I did doze off but I got up at around 5am. Before 7am, I set off to the office.

It was quite a productive morning. I finished an article on deep breathing for the tuition agency website to help people to relax themselves. Then, I did SEO for it, together with the stress management article. After that, I started to work on Tze Khit’s website.

I had lunch with Mike at Everton Park. The standard of the fish and chips from the western food stall was a little below average. After taking lunch, I continued with Tze Khit’s website and it gave me quite a big headache since almost every link is targeted at the live site. When I was almost done with all the tasks on the piece of paper, he dropped me an SMS to let me know that he would get Daoxiong to update the site since he knew I was very busy. I felt it was really right since Daoxiong was the original person who started his two websites. I finally put a burden off my mind and started working on SEO for Smart Tuition.

I had dinner with Mike at Kampong Bahru at the Muslim prata shop near the bus-stop. We ordered Maggie goreng, laksa and mutton soup. None of them tasted good. After going back to the office, I was exhausted soon with the lack of sleep.

My elder brother had reached home before me. We went down to walk Lucky together. I got two packets of milks and some heat reducing drinks at the NTUC before we went home.


Home Alone Final Day

[Sunday, 26 December, 2010]

I continued with my programming work on Smart Tuition Singapore and then blogged. I went to sleep after 4am.

I woke up at around 10am and started hand-washing my clothes. After that, I dozed off.

I had my first instant noodle ever since my family was away, for my lunch. I continued with my programming work for the entire day and I was being rewarded well with the success. I was quite proud of myself for Lucky was disturbing me throughout and I could still finish it.

I called for delivery for the second time and I ordered the normal fried rice instead.

At 10pm, I brought Lucky down for a walk.


Home Alone Day Three

[Saturday, 25 December, 2010]

I spent the morning blogging. Before going to bed at 3.30am, I collected the clothes from the bamboo sticks to keep them. Lucky disturbed me from my sleep many times.

I woke up at 11am by Mike’s SMS and we met up for breakfast near the 7-11, at one of the mixed vegetable rice stall. Then, we went to the office.

We shopped a while at Vivocity in the afternoon. We covered merely Daiso and Challenger before we went back to the office. The two large whiteboards had arrived the day before and we started fixing them up.

I cracked my head programming in the CMS of my tuition agency site to include AJAX. Mac came over to visit the office and he was very impressed by the design. It started raining heavily in the evening and we were going to Tanjong Pagar Plaza for dinner before the rain became a bit lighter, they decided to have their dinner at City Square instead. I went home alone and called for delivery and I enjoyed my favourite Malay fried rice from the Golden Café.

Lucky never stopped to disturb me from doing my work. I had webcam with my family.


Home Alone Day Two

[Friday, 24 December, 2010]

Eileen messaged me in MSN to solve her Microsoft Word issue and thus I did not go to bed early as planned. My giddiness worsened and I went to bed at 3.30am eventually.

Mike woke me up a few times with his SMSes and I finally got up after 1pm. It was low productive day for me at home in my illness. I spent the most efficient time on photo editing. I heated up the “tang yuan” from the fridge as my late lunch.

I started working in the late afternoon and rewarded myself with a meal from Burger King near 8pm. A few minutes after I started eating, Lucky had finished his dinner and emptied his waste in the kitchen for me to clear.

After the movie on channel 5, Transporter 3, ended, I brought Lucky down for a walk before I started blogging.


Home Alone Day One

[Thursday, 23 December, 2010]

I went to sleep at 4am and by 9am, everyone was gone and I knew they were on the way to Malaysia for holidays. I felt weak somehow and I knew I was going to fall sick soon.

I went to the office alone and did not take my breakfast. I started tidying up a bit while waiting for the SingNet guy. Given the time range of 10am to 2pm, he came after 12pm. He did not sound happy for it was his second trip down to my office. I saw the voucher and realised I had rushed down to the office two days ago for nothing since the stated date was the day before.

I bought a “mai gai” from the canteen and started doing a bit of my work. Mike came over and after some time, we went to Vivocity for movie, catching Tron. It was the only time I could sit down properly to relax after so many weeks. It was in fact the first 3D movie I had watched but somehow it was not very impressive to me. Mike complained that the movie was too dark.

After going home to feed Lucky, I went down to the gym to join the guys in the Christmas celebration. Tze Khit passed me a list of tasks to do for his website but the place was too crowded for me to do anything when my head was spinning. When there were fewer people, I went home to bring Lucky to play with the kids but they left soon.

I reached home near midnight.


She’s a Babe

[Wednesday, 22 December, 2010]
I did many minor things and by the time I went to sleep at 6am, I could not even remember what I had done. I woke up at 1pm and rushed down to the office because Mike told me the SingNet guy would be going down. I was not sure why he did not go down the day before.
My day was lightened up by a sweet voice over the phone to enquire about a tuition assignment in my tuition agency website. I was quite surprised for people usually would ring my brother up instead since I had placed his number above mine.
The SingNet guy came and he asked for the company stamp. He passed his supervisor’s number to me and left with the MIOS modem. Mike contacted the supervisor and he said he had instructed the deliveryman to solve our issue with the stamp but he did not get back to us.
We did a thorough area cleaning and moved the furniture to the exact position. We advanced to Vivocity for dinner but Mike missed it as he tried the highway. We decided to visit IKEA instead and had our dinner at Anchor Point’s Subway. The ulcer inside my mouth and the sore throat quite irritated me.
We went shopping at IKEA to do a final grabbing of necessity before travelling to Vivocity’s BEST to purchase a kettle and fan. Then, we went to the Giants to get a mini fridge. During the journey, I was using Mike’s iPad and I was deadly addicted by it. After going back to office, we started drilling holes and continuing with the positioning of the furniture.


To the Office Many Times

[Tuesday, 21 December, 2010]

The key thing I did was blogging, followed by editing of my photo. It had been too long that I did not play with PhotoShop and thus I refused to go to bed until 8am.

I woke up at around 1pm and went to the gym to find Tze Khit. He told me that Bobby had taken away the 3G mobile stick and thus he could not go through his website to tell me the amendment needed. I went to the office immediately instead since Mike told me the SingNet guy would be arriving between 3 to 5pm.

I started clearing up the office while waiting for the SingNet guy. Mike arrived with new IKEA stuffs from Tampiness and we continued with our work like fixing up the stuffs on at the walls. The air-conditioner guy came down with his two workers and we left for Vivocity. We shopped at Giants for drill, power extension bar and some stick-on wall hooks. Then we went to the food court to packet chicken rice for the workers. After going back to office to deliver the food, we left for Tanjong Pagar and parked the car at Amara Hotel. However, we went to the Thai food restaurant at the corner of storey two of Tanjong Pagar Plaza. There was a couple sitting at the table near the door and they seemed to know the staffs very well. They were playing cards and sometimes seemed quite intimate, and the most important thing was that the girl was very cute looking. The pineapple rice Mike ordered was a big portion and tasted very nice but my egg wrapping fried rice was just normal. I tried their sour plum juice but it did not really satisfy my taste.

After going back to the office, Mike decided to go back to Tanjong Pagar to withdraw money for the air-conditioner contractor. After it was done, we started cleaning and packing up again and left after 11pm. We wanted to have supper at the shop besides the prata shop for beancurd and youtiao but it was already closed. In fact, I had not even noticed it at all.


Freelance Work for Bobby and Fixing up Office

[Monday, 20 December, 2010]

I started the day blogging again and went to sleep at 6am. I woke up many times due to incoming SMSes. Eventually I got up after noon. I went to the gym to help Bobby with his poster and flyer editing before going to the office.

Mike and I continued to fix up the office furniture. Then, we went to IKEA in his newly rented Mazda 3. We started shopping around for the office again after having a clearer picture of what we needed. The young couple trying out the rocking chair made the atmosphere envious. Needless to say, the girl was cute looking. After shopping, we went back to the office and continued with fixing up the furniture until my fingers were numbed.

After going home and had my dinner, I went down to walk Lucky with my brothers.