A Disappointing Miscommunication

[Tuesday, 28 December, 2010]

I went to sleep at 3am. After my alarm clock sounded, I went off to sleep since I thought Mike would message me. I woke up at 11am and went to the office. We went to Everton Park but decided to cross over to Pinnacle at Duxton’s Kopi Tiam. We had two sets of chicken rice.

After that, we picked up the car and went over to Tanjong Pagar. I was checking my email on iPad when I saw an email for a new message from Andrew in Facebook and I was taken back because it seemed that someone had told him things that were twisted, making me a backstabber. The incident kept up with me for the entire day.

Mike and I went to make the company stamp and we checked out the price for the namecards as well. After going back to office, I spent a very long time typing a reply for Andrew instead of working on my tuition agency website. This issue further discouraged me from going down to the gym apart from I had to concentrate on my websites.

I received enquiries about tuition and it sucked that I could not continue working on the tuition agency’s website since I had to do the coordination. I knew well if I could not proceed on with my work, the business would be stagnant soon, and coordination would continue to be tedious.

Mike and I had a quick dinner at Everton Park. The mixed vegetable rice was quite nice. After going back to the office, I saw a bug in the tuition agency website and it took me quite some time to realise it was just because of the string of encoding text I placed inside the Meta.

After reaching home at 10 plus, I spent my time look through the website.


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