Grabbing the Office and Shopping at IKEA

[Friday, 3 December, 2010]

I managed to sleep before 6am and a phone call woke me up at 1pm. It was quite stupid when people nowadays still made phone call to the house when everyone was already holding a mobile phone each.

I met up with Mike at Tanjong Pagar MRT station before we took a cab over to Raeburn Park. David was around there to check out the exact location of the office space. Mike was very satisfied with it at the first sight. I was quite shocked that it was on the first level and right opposite the canteen. Mike agreed to rent it immediately and we went to the canteen to sit down and chat. I felt very uncomfortable that I did not bring any paper along to note down the details and date. I did not even have a proper phone to keep track of anything.

It started drizzling and David sent us to the bus-stop at Cantonment Link before we took bus 196 over to Queensway. It was pouring very heavily when we alighted and luckily Mike had an umbrella with him. We went over to IKEA immediately and got drenched. I was amazed of myself for I was wearing a pair of slippers in my three quarter in the cold weather. I was freezing and worried that my toe would cramp any time.

Mike was planning to get two sets of furniture each for both of us. Though he told me to give suggestions and let him know if I had taken a liking for anything, I did not really want to cause him a bomb. Nevertheless, I realised that the furniture in IKEA were identical. We went to the canteen to have three chicken wings each before resuming the window shopping to mark down the furniture. Then, we proceeded to get ice-cream before we made a final round of phototaking.

We went to Queenstown MRT by bus 195 and left for home. I was quite proud of myself that I could within the coldness without having a cramp on my toes.


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