Home Alone Day One

[Thursday, 23 December, 2010]

I went to sleep at 4am and by 9am, everyone was gone and I knew they were on the way to Malaysia for holidays. I felt weak somehow and I knew I was going to fall sick soon.

I went to the office alone and did not take my breakfast. I started tidying up a bit while waiting for the SingNet guy. Given the time range of 10am to 2pm, he came after 12pm. He did not sound happy for it was his second trip down to my office. I saw the voucher and realised I had rushed down to the office two days ago for nothing since the stated date was the day before.

I bought a “mai gai” from the canteen and started doing a bit of my work. Mike came over and after some time, we went to Vivocity for movie, catching Tron. It was the only time I could sit down properly to relax after so many weeks. It was in fact the first 3D movie I had watched but somehow it was not very impressive to me. Mike complained that the movie was too dark.

After going home to feed Lucky, I went down to the gym to join the guys in the Christmas celebration. Tze Khit passed me a list of tasks to do for his website but the place was too crowded for me to do anything when my head was spinning. When there were fewer people, I went home to bring Lucky to play with the kids but they left soon.

I reached home near midnight.


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