My Web Progress and Shopping at Vivocity with Family

[Sunday, 5 December, 2010]

I spent the morning on a new feature in my tuition agency website’s admin page for accounting purposes. Finally, I slept at 8am.

I woke up at 2pm and was mentally prepared to join Huiting and her friends at Marina Bay but Huiting was down with flu. In the end, the outing was cancelled.

I uploaded the new files to the live site and started with WordPress. In the past when I did not have admin access to my page control panel, I was unable to play with it and thus, I gave up. I wanted to move away from Blogger since long ago but I did not have time. Now, having access to my own webhost, I was able to set up WordPress in a few clicks.

Mike sent me details about my horoscope and it was way long for reading but they were all true about me. I managed to finish half of it before my elder brother and mum wanted to go to Vivocity for dinner.

We shopped at Giants at the top storey and I was most interested in the furniture area where there were nice sofa-beds. After that, we moved to Pet Safari and our dinner was taken at Long John’s Silver.


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